domingo, 26 de octubre de 2014

Things we should AVOID for online SAFETY and SECURITY

Here's an activity to promote online SAFETY and SECURITY among students.

Together with a proper ONLINE CITIZENSHIP, students should also learn what things to avoid for online SAFETY and SECURITY and on this post I'd like to share a follow-up class activity for a short animated video about cyber-safety.

Activity Description:
After watching the video, in pairs and to raise their online safety awareness with specific avoidable actions, students will create an interactive CLOUD of online activities to be AVOIDED.

Activity details:
This is the activity outline:
  • In pairs students watch the video ( a couple of times and take notes of things that are UNSAFE and UNSECURE online.
  • Then they will put those ideas in common with their peers and create a word cloud at
      • Note: for words to appear together in phrases use symbol "~".
  • Finally they will share their creations (i.e. on their personal/class blogs, on a specific class-board at Pinterest o through any other social media.)

Web Tools and Resources used for this Activity:
Students will use the following web tools and resources:

Here's an example of what the product of this activity looks like:

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